Special programs


Special programs

Global young leaders in UK & Future global leaders in Canada, for upper-intermediate or native English speaking students 14-18 years old.
Film Academy in USA, for kids 10-13 years old & all-inclusive summer camps for teens 14-17 years old.

Family programs

Family Programs - Offered in the UK, USA, France, South Africa, and Malta
Want to spend time with your children, while still giving them a chance to develop new skills and make new friends? 

Even better, would you like to use some of the time to learn new skills yourself? This may sound too good to be true, but we have many programs with this kind of flexibility, to do just that for you and your family.

All levels

You choose the amount of relaxation and learning you will do. The children will be part of their own program, with choices of joint excursions and activities. And while you participate in your own learning experience, your children will be...